Have gas prices doubled under Obama?

Our country is trying to find someone to blame for the skyrocketing prices of gas. Don’t blame it on President Obama. We knew when he got in office that this wasn’t an easy task. We knew and he knew that this was a job within a job. As far as the gas prices go, just think where the oil is and who controls it. Do you think it has something to do with the Middle East? Oh really you think so? So why blame Obama? This started before him; he’s just catching the flack for someone else’s mess.

I never knew how serious it was until I went to the wheel alignment shop in Hillside to get my car aligned. The owner, who has been in business for over 20 years or so, said his business is losing money due to high gas prices. People don’t do a lot of driving anymore due to the cost of gas. It raises the question, “How many Americans will suffer because of the rising cost of oil?” President Obama knows better than anyone the impact gas prices have on Americans, and this being an election year, he will do every thing in his power to help us out.

So when we need to blame someone let’s not point the finger at the President let’s be more supportive let’s not stress Obama out cause he’s not to blame. Hopefully everything will turn out for the better.


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