Triton College Daycare

By Jeramie Bizzle

Nowadays, it is hard for parents to find a place for their children where the staff can be trusted to provide the attention and teachings that their kids deserve, but for students who double as parents don’t have to worry about searching, the perfect child care can be a building away from your class.

Triton college daycare that is located in the G building was started at the school fifteen years ago by V.P Cherryl Antonich and Cindy Mentone. The care has staff that teaches kids the basics such as arts and crafts to washing their hands, as well as make them feel at home. During a recent observation study, children were seen interacting with other mates in song and dance and playing and sharing. But before any parent place their kids in any environment setting, you may have some questions about the facility and the workers.

Charlotte Wiley and Valerie Lorenzo who have worked together for fourteen years, explains why the care here is one of the best. their teachings are based on nurturing, for example changing schedules and lessons according to the children. “it is a safe and easy going environment, it is a nurturing environment, especially on campus. the children and the parents are one big happy family. Parents are free to call and stop by whenever they like.” says Valerie. Besides the environment, students get to interact with other kids their age as explained by Charlotte. “a lot of the kids have never been away from home, it was always mom and dad, because it is a small group, they can get the individual attention that they need.”

The care also provide a photo release through the school and the care where they send pictures from their phones to the parents, so they can get an idea that their child is indeed enjoying the class while they are away. With a fun and loveable staff and fun, smart toddlers and right on campus makes for a center that will please parents who is looking for the proper care for their young one.

If you are interested in stopping by and seeing what the daycare has to offer, the center is open Monday through Friday from 7a to 5p in G-107, their schedule also meets Triton’s schedule.

“Our center is the best, and our children is wonderful and the parents are wonderful”- Valerie Lorenzo


Picture 1 -(From left to right) Klaudia Burek, Charlotte Wiley and Valerie Lorenzo of the day care center

Picture 2- a look at the care center at Triton College

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