B.A.S.A fourth Annual Speed Dating

By Jeramie L Bizzle

This past Valentines day, students got a chance to share the love and their numbers while participating in speed dating. The event sponsored by the Black Academic Student Association and hosted by Tramaine Taylor, gave those who were looking for friends or a potential valentines a head start. Students who participated had five minutes to get as much information about the person opposite from them in hopes of finding common things in which they share, after the five minutes was up they had to switch and being the process all over again with a new person. The crowd were also able to send secret admirer cards and by chocolate roses for the ones they want to get to know more about, as well as indulge in special v day sweets such as cookies, brownies and punch. Although there were some wall flowers who were a bit shy, everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and wished that the event would have lasted longer than a couple of hours.

Throughout the event and the school, love was in the air. From friends to those stopping in to see what the hype was all about. Needless to say that they were amazed at what,and for some,who they saw. From the E Board of BASA, they want to thank everyone for coming out to support the event and were happy to know that people had a good time, four years running. And although the board will be graduating this year, they are certain that those who will take over for next year will do a bigger and better job. They would also like to send a special thanks to their Advisers Larry Mcghee and Richard Brown for their support of the event and Kevin Roemer (BASA Member) for organizing it this year.

Jorge –

speed date picture one- Ricky and Brittany of student life embrace their friendship on Valentines day

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