Have gas prices doubled under Obama?

Our country is trying to find someone to blame for the skyrocketing prices of gas. Don’t blame it on President Obama. We knew when he got in office that this wasn’t an easy task. We knew and he knew that this was a job within a job. As far as the gas prices go, just think where the oil is and who controls it. Do you think it has something to do with the Middle East? Oh really you think so? So why blame Obama? This started before him; he’s just catching the flack for someone else’s mess.

I never knew how serious it was until I went to the wheel alignment shop in Hillside to get my car aligned. The owner, who has been in business for over 20 years or so, said his business is losing money due to high gas prices. People don’t do a lot of driving anymore due to the cost of gas. It raises the question, “How many Americans will suffer because of the rising cost of oil?” President Obama knows better than anyone the impact gas prices have on Americans, and this being an election year, he will do every thing in his power to help us out.

So when we need to blame someone let’s not point the finger at the President let’s be more supportive let’s not stress Obama out cause he’s not to blame. Hopefully everything will turn out for the better.



WOW… What a Show! 2012 Auto Show

By Lushan Baker

The Chicago Auto Show, first staged in 1901, is the largest auto show in North America and has been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent. This year marks the 104th edition of the Chicago Auto Show. The Chicago Auto Show utilizes 1.2million square feet of the McCormick Place complex. The McCormick Place offers a total of 2.7 million square feet of exhibit halls with an additional 700,000 square feet of meeting room availability.

Every year, I enjoy going to the Chicago Auto Show, but for the past 2 years it has been a waste of money. The Auto Show is supposed to give us a look at the new cars for the upcoming year. This year, they did not show good cars like they did in 2010 and the years before. I have classic photos of the way the old auto shows looked. It’s so disappointing not being able to get a real car show. A look at the real cars like these is very fulfilling for me. I want the old show back. Come on Chicago Auto Show, let’s get with it.

Honeybees: the Kings and Queens of Agriculture

By Lisa Files

Who would have thought something so small could be so powerful?

Most of the fruit, vegetables, and nuts we eat are pollinated by bees.  Therefore, the decline in the number and strength of honeybees could impact our future food supply.

What is causing bee colony collapse disorder (CCD)?  A number of factors are suspect:  mites, fungi, viruses, pesticides, and parasites.  At this point, one single cause cannot take blame from the rest.  Though corn seed coated with clothianidin, a pesticide, could be a quiet  weapon of mass destruction.  For more on this, see Triton College Sustainability Coordinator Adrian Fisher’s blog: www.ecologicalgardening.net/2011/01/lets-talk-about-bees.html.

As an added benefit, eating raw, locally produced honey might help prevent allergies and asthma.  Raw honey contains pollen spores from local plants so that when we consume it, we expose ourselves little by little to potential allergens, building up our immunity.

Warning:  if you are allergic to honey or if you are diabetic, please abstain from honey.  Also, do not feed honey to children under the age of 1.

What Makes Trayvon Martin Different?

By Jeramie L Bizzle     @jeramiebizzle87

It has been a couple of weeks since the highly publicized shooting of a Florida youth named Trayvon Martin. The seventeen year old was gunned down by a neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. Zimmerman claims that the teen attacked him and what he fired shots to defend himself. Although this is a tragic event for the family and for many who heard about it, the media attention that it has gotten over the past weeks has seemed to encourage racial barriers amongst people.

Let’s face facts, the cards that have been played out through the case is an everyday occurrence. What makes this story different is that you have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson making it more of an event rather than a rally for justice. Kids like Trayvon are murdered everyday (to make it worse by their own race) and all that gets is a shrug of the shoulders, but since it was an opposite race it got people jumping out of their bodies.

The case is still fresh and justice will be served eventually, but why should it take tragedies like this to hit Facebook and the news for it to become a big deal. In the course of the few weeks, he has gotten more media blitz than your typical murder case. Facts also showed that he was suspended for having marijuana bags and residue, as most families would say he was a good boy but this shows that he had his bad boy ways as well.

As reported by MSNBC, a witness told the police he saw martin hitting Zimmerman resulting in is bloody nose. Don’t get me wrong, no child should be murdered for any reasons other than if let’s say Martin had a gun of his own. But no matter how many witnesses step forward, no one would know the truthful occurrence of the incident except Martin and Zimmerman, and with one gone, that just leaves a one sided detail, meaning the investigation will be a bit longer than expected.

This is a shot heard around the world indeed, let’s hope that we pay attention to others who suffer from these tragedies and not make this the one that got picked out of the hat. Hate to say if Zimmerman gets jailed and get the maximum, yes people will celebrate and be thankful for the justice provided at the time being. But truth be told, months afterward, no one will talk about it again, look at Casey Anthony.

Model UN Returns from Harvard

By Jeramie L Bizzle

The Triton College Model United Nations (MUN) attended the Harvard Model United Nations simulation in Boston Massachusetts. Over 3,300 students attended the simulation from 37 countries around the world. The event occurred at the downtown Boston Park Plaza Hotel where the students enjoyed a tour of Harvard University, as well as a quick side trip to visit the Kennedy School of Government

. The Triton MUN team consisted of Selidji Azogan, and Bobby Zinsou, Romeo Rakistaba, Mohammed Bekkour. Advisers for the group are Bill Decker and Dr. Elizabeth Collins. In the simulation they represented the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Mohammed Bekkour, a new team member, stepped up to work on the Press Corps. He wrote articles for the UK based paper, The Sun. in his article, he reported that, “The present team thanks them for the experience and can’t wait to return next year.”

In a recent interview with the team, the team says that the trip, as well as the experience, was fun. The simulation gave them an idea of what it’s like to participate in a United Nations setting, Aside from the simulation; they made friends from other countries who they still communicate with. “I met a friend who is from France and we still talk,” says Mohammad. The team also agreed that this experience taught them leadership that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

“It was really amazing and I learned a lot. I learned how to debate and use leadership skills. I want to thank the school for the experience. I want to do it again.” says Selidji.

For those who are not aware of what the United Nations do, they provide a space and a forum in which nations can gather together to address problems that has an impact on the all the countries, thus allowing representatives of those countries to express their views to help solved the situation. Some of the addressed issues includes how to fight the Aids epidemic, hunger and children (UNICEF). For those who may be interested in learning more about MUN, contact advisers Bill Decker at bdecker@triton.edu and Dr Collins at ecollins@triton.edu for an interview. Although the group is done until next year, you can get a jump start on what to prepare for.