TGSA Host National Coming Out Day

By Jeramie L Bizzle

TGSA stands together during the panel discussion where they were heard and not judged

On October 19th Triton Gay Straight Alliance hosted an event called “National Coming Out Day. The day was a dedication to those who are either homosexual, straight or bi-sexual. The purpose of the event was for all to unite as one and to discourage segregation and discrimination because of sexual preference. The event had music that represented the groups from artist such as Lady GaGa (a big advocate for the gay communities) and Ricky Martin, who has recently revealed that he was gay.

The biggest part of the day was the panel discussion that featured the members of TGSA and hosted by the new director of student services Sarah Swagler. The panel captured everyone’s attention in the cafeteria (roughly around two hundred students) as they discussed topics that appealed to most teens such as what it was liked to be bullied and how did they reveal the news to their parents. Although there was one moment during the event when one of the students uttered hateful slurs towards the panel, Mrs Swagler put the ignorance to rest and continued to proceed with the event. As the event ended many had a sense of understanding towards the group and realized that at the end of the day, no matter if your gay or straight we are all the same and enjoy the same things as much as the next. Some of the questions that were asked to the panel included what age did they they knew that they were gay? What are their views about how homosexuality is portrayed on television? And what are their views about don’t ask don’t tell?

The event was more of a success this year because of the lack of performances. Last year the panel was limited to their time to speak because of all the extras that were going on during the event. This year is different because it didn’t distract the crowd with all the performances, making it better and easier for the members of TGSA to express their thoughts and views. What this event has done for the students is to give them insight on what it may be like to walk in another persons shoes. But what was given back by the crowd was just as important, the respect to them for accepting who they are and being comfortable in doing so.

Caption (TGSA COD)- TGSA stands together during the panel discussion where they were heard and not judged

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