Program Boards “Fright Night”

By Jeramie L Bizzle

Program Boards yearly trip to “Six Flags Great America” was one for the books. The members of Program Board made their departure in the early morning on October 15th. The trip was a way to reward the members of the excellent work that they have been doing throughout the school year. From the moment when the group got out of the vans, they rushed towards the park like kids running for the ice cream truck. A few of the members got a chance to ride over ten rides within the first hour of arriving at the park while the rest of the members who took their time getting to the park had to partake in the dreadful wait of the lines that took anywhere from one to two hours to get on the rides. Although the rides were exciting for some, the real fun began when the sun went down.

Since it’s the month of October, the parks “Fright Fest” was in full affect. The members made their way through the haunted trail where the ghouls and monsters awaited their presence. Program Board member Jessica Ramirez was scared when she set her sights on the porcelain doll that was walking around, while adviser Johnny Urbina and TCSA President Minerva Fuentes had thick skin. They found the antics more funny than scary. There were some disappointments, rides like the “Iron Wolf” and the “Giant Drop” were closed for repairs.Others were more terrified when the “American Eagle” became stuck during the ride, as onlookers watched, they only could imagine how scary that experience may have been for the people who were in those carts.

Program Board continues to live up to their motto “We do the fun stuff”, by not just creating memorable events around campus, but as well as the extras that they partake in outside the campus. The early morning trip that began with sleepy faces and empty stomachs, ended with smiles and full bellies (if you didn’t mind paying twice as much as you would anywhere else). Vice President of Program Board Ricardo Ascencio had a ball coming in second in the air hockey competition. He expresses what his time was like while on the trip:

“It was fun, my favorite part though was when I was on the ground” Ricardo Ascencio -VP Program Board.

Although this years Six Flags experience is past, the group is eager to return next year for more food, fun and of course, FRIGHT!!!

Caption (1)- Jessica, Maggie, Johnny and Geo take time to pose for the camera as they wait to ride the DEMON
Caption ((2) -Jessica’s Ramirez and Whitelaw share the same name and same fun
Caption (3) – decorations from the park.

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