Pool Closed Until Further Notice

By Jeramie L Bizzle
On October 1, the Triton College swimming pool was closed down by the Illinois Department of Health due to the fact that the suction outlets were not in compliance with the entrapment requirements of the Swimming Facility Code, Section 21. Students who are taking swim class this semester were in for a surprise when they realized that they can’t partake in their class. Usually when this occurs students are either granted a refund for the class or their grade won’t be affected. The lifeguards told the students who are enrolled in the swimming classes to continue to call each week for updates about whether or not the pool has reopened.

As we reported last semester, Triton administrators and board members have been weighing the benefits of the pool with the cost of repairs and upkeep. With current budget shortfalls in the State of Illinois,repairs to the pool have been lowered on the list of priorities. Now with the pool closed until further notice, it leaves some asking the question, “Will Triton’s pool open, or will the space be renovated for some other purpose?”

In a recent sit down with Triton College Student Association President, Minerva Fuentes, she gave her thoughts about the situation concerning the pool.

“I was saddened by the closing. I know a lot of students had just begun to take advantage of it. There are some renovationsthat have to be done for the pool to be safe for students and the community. If it reopens, we know it is going to be up to par. A fully functional pool will make a better atmosphere for all.” Minerva Fuentes- TCSA President

The news of the closing doesn’t just affect traditional students, but also some seniors in the community. Each morning, members of the community who come in for their morning swim (their choice of recreation), but until further notice the pool area echoes in silence as the people wait for it to reopen.

2 thoughts on “Pool Closed Until Further Notice

    • As a student, I feel that the swimming pool should remain open to all students instead of taking a required class in order to use this facility.

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