Food for the Soul

By Jeramie L Bizzle

On September 28 and 29, the Triton Bible Club hosted their open house entitled “Food for the Soul”. The event showed what the club had to offer those who were interested in learning more about the club and embarking on a spiritual relationship.

Charisma Magno hosted the event. She welcomed all to come and join in on the activities that included slide shows and testimonies. At the end of the presentations, all who came in were welcomed to a buffet of soul food including fried chicken, mac and cheese and sweet potato pie. Joshua Perez and Lidia Young were just a couple of the club’s members who told visitors about how their life has changed since forming the spiritual relationship with God and becoming members of TBC:

“Triton Bible Club has been a blessing to me. I am going to encourage you to come and visit. You can meet God through the club” Joshua Perez (TBC member)

“God continued to talk to me and talk and talk until all I could say was ‘Thank you Jesus” Lidia Young (TBC Member)

Most of those who attended the open house were interested in coming to the meetings to begin their journey to better themselves and TBC is where they feel would be a great start.

What set this open house aside from the others was the fact that the students came and actually heard what the members had to say as opposed to coming just for the free food like most would have done. As the year is well underway, the club invites all who are interested in coming to the meetings to partake in study or if your looking for someone who you can trust to talk to about anything.

The club meets Tuesdays at 12:30 in parachute B130. Come in to become a part of their weekly bible study and meet some of the members. Build friendships, get more in touch with God and get a better understanding of the bible. It is more than just a club; it is a commitment that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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