Student Perks!

By Jeramie L Bizzle

New students, and even some Triton veterans, may not be aware of the perks and extras the school has to offer. For example, can every student tell you that they know where the school’s swimming pool is located? That there’s a bible house near the campus or that Triton has a newspaper? These are just some of the extras that are available to the students.

For those who are starting out, they may approach a fellow classmate to ask them for directions. If you haven’t noticed, the letters on the buildings can be easily remembered by identifying what purpose the building is for. For example: R could be for recreation since the track and gym are located there and B building for business; here you handle registration, financial aid and so forth. Since the school changed its order of lettering on the buildings a few years ago, it helped those lurking around the campus to become partially familiar with where things are located.

One of the many things that you will find around campus, besides things pertaining to your school work, is the extras such as the flower shop (also located in the R building) where you can get fresh flowers for a great price, The Cernan Space Center (located in the I building) where you can view awesome laser light shows on the weekends. Many of the events at the Cernan Center are either free or discounted for students. Triton also offers an arrangement of classes for everyday living such as Yoga and the now popular Zumba.

Mary Bulanbo is a new student at Triton and was amazed to find out that the school had more to offer.

“I was excited, I didn’t know that they had a pool,” said Bulanbo. “Swimming is my favorite activity”

For the new students, it is important to go on a campus tour and find out everything that the school has in store for its students. Ask about any available clubs, sports teams and what anything else you may be interested in. It will only take a moment of your time and you will be glad you did.

For current students who are aware of where things are in the school, sign up and become a peer mentor. It is the best way to help those who have questions about the school. With your help and guidance, it will surely make the students feel right at home.

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