Nursing Students at Triton

By Lushan Baker

Ashley Bell

Major: Nursing   Student: 1st Semester   A recent graduate from Proviso East High School in Maywood Ashley Bell is now taking 12 credit hour classes here at Triton College. She never thought that college would be so hard. Now she’s stomping with the big dogs here at the college. She says, “It’s definitely not like high school.”

This summer, Bell participated in the CNA Nursing Program and worked at Westlake and West Suburban Clinics. Bell helped patients by feeding them and making beds, taking vitals, bathing and getting the patients dressed for therapy. Bell’s long term goal after graduating from Triton is to go to Alabama State for her Doctoral Degree. Her short term goal is to finish here with her 2 year program. By the end of the program, she should be an RN. Bell’s hobbies are art, dancing, and getting on her uncles nerves (and you guessed it she’s my niece).

Jessica Gross

Major: Nursing   Student: 1st Semester      This summer, Jessica Gross spent her summer vacation at the Triton College CNA Program. Gross thought the program was very educational. But she says, “College is a cake walk. It’s not harder than high school.”

Just wait until she has to go almost all day everyday, then we will see whose standing. Gross enjoys Triton. She loves her classes and the Professors more than in high school. Jessica is a graduate of Proviso East High School in Maywood. Her goals include finishing the nursing program here, and later obtaining her PhD. Her hobbies are dancing.

Well I can say one thing, they both like to be nurses and dancers follow your dreams, and educate yourself first.



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