Triton College Remembers 9/11

By Jeramie L Bizzle


Triton students came together on September 6 to show their support for victims of 9/11 at a memorial ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the event. The program  was presented by the Office of Student Life and was hosted by Dr. Quincy Martin, Dean of Student Services. Guest speakers at the event shared memories of their whereabouts on the tragic day. The speakers included Dr. Martin, Triton College president, Dr. Patricia Granados, President of TCSA Minerva Fuentes, and Bible club president Charisma Magno. Magno presented a special prayer for the victims. A very special speaker and the Mayor of Westchester, Sam Pullia, expressed his grief and support. Pullia shared the sobering fact that a couple of his relatives were amongst those killed in the attack.

Over three thousand flags were on display on Cirlcle Drive to symbolize the lives that were lost on 9/11. The flags were arranged in the shape of a star to symbolize the sense of togetherness that the United States has embraced since the attacks.

The presentation of a 9/11 documentary was shown that evening at the Cernan Space Center. After the film, a panel answered questions regarding the film and where they were on 9/11. The panel included Triton College officers John Hanssen, William Justiz and special visitor Micheal Ruggiero. Ruggiero remembered  the events  that brought back painful memories during the discussion and the film. Questions asked by the audience included, “How is the United States protected for the anniversary?” and “Could more have been done prior to the towers being struck?”

“There is a way to prepare for everything , even if they were to come up with ways to protect it, when there is one there is another.  We have to learn from our mistakes.” said Hansen

The day was filled with media and photographers as the campus was filled with patriotic spirit. Students and the community came together to show their support and demonstrate their unity. As we all remember the day, some still ask why it all happened. But after 10 years and the success of capturing those who were behind the event, those who were affected can have some rest knowing that justice has been served.

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